Round Terrazzo Planter



Material : Fibercement

Model: AUFC078

Fibercement is a composite material composed of cement reinforced with strands of fiberglass. Compared to other materials, Fibercement has many advantages that make them to be one of the choices worth considering:

     - LIGHTWEIGHT: Fibercement planters are strong and sturdy like common concrete, but only a third of the weight of comparable concrete planters.

     - WEATHER-RESISTANT: Because of their fiberglass composition, they have a greater flexural strength that isn't susceptible to the harsh weather conditions. It will last for years in many climates without warping, crumbling, or cracking.

     - DURABILITY: Fibercement planters are made by hand and finished to a perfect stone texture, it is designed with durability and strength and engineered for quality. They resist cracking, bubbling, and other damage or imperfections concrete is subject to

     - COLOR PALETTE AVAILABILITY: Match any interior or exterior design with a wide selection of standard available colors. If you need to match a particular color scheme, we specialize in offering custom painted planters.

 Round Terrazzo Planter
 Round Terrazzo Planter
 Round Terrazzo Planter
 Round Terrazzo Planter