Water hyacinth Basket



Material : Water Hyacinth 

Model: AUW019

As one of Asia's tropical countries, Vietnam is frequently considered as one of the largest rattan, water hyacinth, sedge producers in the world. As a result, don't be surprised if you see a wide range of wicker creations, from tiny trinkets like baskets to massive furniture like home furnishings. Let's find out what makes them such a favorite and popular: 

     - Environmentally friendly: It's clear that products made of natural materials such as rattan, water hyacinth, sedge are harmless to the environment. They can be easily decompose without causing polution. 

     - Resistant: There's no need to be concerned if your rattan basket is crooked, broken, or damaged because it can be used for a variety of storage purposes. Especially, rattan is also more wear resistant than bamboo or plastic, making it ideal for use outside the home. They're light but strong. 

     - Affordable: Due to the abundance of raw materials, it is a relatively inexpensive development for the general public. Since wicker material is so rare, the price of this material is also very reasonable. 

     - Multifunctional: The creation of rattan, water hyacinth or sedge into a basket opens up a world of possibilities. Those baskets may be used for a variety of purposes, including decoration, storage, laundry baskets, baby baskets, and pet beds, as well as being used as a shopping basket.

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 Water hyacinth Basket