Round Outdoor Ceramic Vase



Material : Ceramic

Model: AUV013


Pottery planter is the ganeral name for flower pots made of natural materials such as ceramic, black clay, teracotta, etc. Those materials are first and oldest used in the flower pots industry. Compared to other materials, Pottery planters have many advantages that makes them the top choices for your garden: 

      - Protection from the temperature drop: Ceramic planters come with a thick and sturdy wall. Such a durable wall protects the plants from sudden temperature changes. In this way, you can prevent your plants from absorbing excess heat. 

     - They retain enough moisture: Ceramic planters are popular because of their capacity to regulate the moisture flow and air to the plants. It helps in trapping fertilizers and moisture inside the pot. In this way, fertilizers reach the plant naturally. Plants can absorb the required nutrients in their way based on the requirements. 

     - Ceramic planters run really long: Investing in ceramic planters may seem expensive initially. But their longevity will make you realize how durable and money-saving they are in a long run. With ceramic planters, there is no chance of rust, easy breakage, faded color, sun damage, etc. Even if you have bigger plants, you can easily rely on ceramic planters.

 Round Outdoor Ceramic Vase