Fiber Stone (Not to be confused with Fiberstone - one word) products are the same as our fiberglass products, but with one major difference — sand and small rocks are added into the mix when it is in liquid form. This gives the piece a rough and sandy texture which makes it look and feel like real stone.

Fiberstone is a mixture of fiberglass and crushed stone. Fiberstone is a versatile material. It can have a rough and sandy texture which makes it look and feel like real stone or finished concrete. ... The reinforced fiberglass backing of fiberstone makes it less fragile than concrete.

Actually, Fiberstone can be painted Shinny or Matt to have a look like as same as Fiberglass, and be cheaper. Many factories cheated on customers " Fiberglass" by " Fiberstone" because Fiberstone material is cheaper than Fiberglass. They can offer a higher price than actual. The buyer can differentiate the Fiberstone by touching, weight and inside look. 

- Fiberstone is heavier, not smooth perfectly like Fiberglass, feeling bigger weight. If Fiberstone was Paint shinny or Matt, you can see the wave on the finishing under the sunshine, it is never smooth like Fiberglass.

- Fiberglass is lighter weight and very smooth. Fiberglass shows a perfect finishing under the sunshine to test the smoothy by touching and feeling.

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