Warmly welcome to  AURORA CRAFT. 

As one of the leading exporting and manufacturing establishments of gorgeous ornamental earthenware for Home and Garden in Vietnam, we now are able to serve our dear customers in the US, in Europe and in the most far-flung territories in the rest of the world with the greatest honor. 

A very extensive range of high-fired pottery products that are sustainable to any weather condition and other assorted ceramic, terra-cotta, terrazzo, fiberglass, zinc have been offered permanently from our state-of-the-art process of production. 

For the frost resistant garden pot and planter was handmade in Vietnam based on centuries of tradition in the art of ceramics. Each step in the labor - intensive process - design, clay mixing, molding, curing, glazing and firing is performed using traditional techniques handed down by generations of potters. 

Our customers’ suggestion on product fabricating and customizing accordingly to their strict preciseness on demand and particular specifications will be highly appreciated and meticulously realized in the commitment to providing them with the ultimate customer service satisfaction, the strongest emphasis on timely delivery, the most reasonable pricing and the most flexible terms of payment that our Company has the obligation to offer. 

Our Company’s motto lies on a 100% guarantee for our products and service. Please do never hesitate to contact us whenever any question may appear to you. 

We are eagerly looking forwards to gratifying you in the time to come.

Best wishes and regards